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Kristen Bell is owner of Bell Nutrition Consulting Services, and Registered Dietitian and Functional training specialist in the Los Angeles area.  She is a Sports Dietitian for the Red Bull North America team where she works with professional athletes of all sports. She has been featured on E! Khloe Kardashian's Revenge Body consulting contestants on their drastic weight loss results.  She has worked with Actors on Dancing with the Stars, Los Angeles Lakers, Major League baseball players, Crossfit games athletes, UFC fighters, tennis and golf players, and many others to assist them in reaching the highest potential as an athlete through proper fueling, state of the art performance testing, and ongoing nutrition education.

Kristen provides the full package when it comes to getting her clients in the best shape possible.  She facilitates nutrition coaching specializing in sports nutrition, weight loss, and improving overall performance in and out of the gym.

What sets Kristen Apart?

Kristen is your personal wellness and nutrition coach that walks you through every step needed to help you live a life that is enjoyable and gratifying in all aspects. From grocery shopping, to cooking, to meal planning, Kristen is there to keep you accountable and be your support to keep your mind and body a strong unit for success. She enlightens individuals of all shapes and sizes the importance of exercise, whole foods, and proper supplementation necessary to surpass the standard nutrition level that has become the "norm" in our society and maximize the most of what we get out of life.

Kristen Bell has been one of the strongest influences on my health and fitness.  She is an exceptional dietician and motivator.  As a personal trainer I had the privilege of sharing clients with her, and I was consistently getting feedback that she was both personable and goal oriented.  Through observation of her children’s weight loss program I saw her ability to be creative and effective with her presentation of nutrition education.  Kristen quickly became my role model and trainer when I decided to follow in her footsteps and train for a fitness competition.  To date I have competed in two NPC shows and could not have taken on the challenge without her meal plans and professional advice.  It has been my advantage and my pleasure to have such and amazing person on my team. 

Lindsey Edwards
Fitness Competitor, Boulder Colorado

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristen Bell in 2016 when I contacted her for nutrition and weight loss counseling. Throughout my lifetime, I have tried many different ways to lose weight but with Kristen's coaching I learned how to understand the way food affects my performance. She did not restrict my eating habits, but instead taught me how to make it a lifestyle by reading nutrition labels and introduce healthier alternatives in my diet. She showed me which food choices optimize my performance during training sessions and competitions. So grateful to have Kristen be such a pivotal part of my health and weight loss journey.

Andrew Ramirez

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It's been almost four years since I first met Kristen and four years since my life has been changed for the better. I was first introduced to Kristen through my gym's paleo challenge. Kristen was the exact opposite of what I assumed a dietitian would be. I expected her to be unrealistically demanding, armed with the same boring information that graced the pamphlets in every general practitioner's office. Not the case! Kristen was excited, informative, realistic, and personable. The seminar she gave was not only interesting, it was engaging and fun. I left the gym feeling confident that I had the information I needed to make a healthy change in my life. Kristen stayed attentive to our needs throughout the entire challenge. With Kristen's help not only did I make it through the four week challenge, I also dropped 5 lbs and 3% body fat! I ended the challenge with a different mindset towards food and my relationship with body image changed drastically. 

Through the past four years I have done 4 challenges with Kristen. I have personally lost 10lbs and have dropped my body fat by over 15%! If someone were to tell me four years ago that I would look and feel that way I do now I wouldn't believe them. As I enter my 30's I am fitter and more confident than I had ever been in my 20's. I credit a large part of that to Kristen who has not only helped me achieve the body I want but has given me the tools necessary to maintain my health and fitness. Each challenge I have done with Kristen has simply armed me with more proof that she's the real deal. As an athlete and a coach, there is no one I trust or recommend more than Kristen. After four years she still has something new to teach me and still remains as motivating and passionate as she was the first time I met her. There isn't enough thanks I can give her for the positive impact she has had on my life and the lives of the athletes at the gyms I coach at.

Lesley Hernandez

1 year ago I made the decision to change my life.  I was overweight, high cholesterol, tired all the time, and got winded going upstairs.  I hired Kristen to be my coach until I reach my goal of losing 50 pounds.  Without Kristen's constant support, accountability, and encouragement, there is no way I could have done it.  Kristen made it so easy to make simple changes in my day to day routine. She didn't ever make me feel like I was on a diet. I still got to eat food I enjoyed, treat myself every now and then, but she taught me how to balance my food plan so it was delicious, yet realistic.  I am beyond grateful for her support and coaching.  She changed my life for the better and I will be around for a long time to watch my grandchildren grow up. 

Kurt Reaves







Kristen Bell was instrumental in changing my life. I was at the bottom out point in my battle with weight and was facing a critical decision on whether to have gastric bypass surgery to address my weight issues. I made the decision to attempt a radical lifestyle change in lieu of surgery, and worked with Kristen as my dietitian. She provided the structure, accountability, and education I needed to make the dietary and exercise lifestyle change I’d dreamed of for years.

With Kristen Bell in my corner, I was able to learn the necessary tools and develop consistency with such a significant lifestyle change, and dial my metabolism into its most optimal state. This transformation in my life helped me to find success, peace, and happiness toward a new healthy lifestyle. Over the course of the year I lost over 200 pounds. My goal was to play basketball by the time I reached my goal, and before I knew it I was playing 2 games a night with Kristen as my team mate. I will be forever indebted for guidance and encouragement that Kristen provided.

Erik Olson
Microsoft, Bellevue Washington


Kristen Bell is awesome! She supported me through a new nutritional program and helped me shed 30 lbs. in a short amount of time! Kristen always made an extra effort to help me along my weight loss journey. I looked forward to meeting her once a week, but she was always available by phone or email if I had a question or a concern. Her dedication and approachable attitude are what helped me to reshape my thinking about food and nutrition. Thank you Kristen - you're the best!

Julie Bottomley
Bellevue ProSports Club, Bellevue, Washington


When working with Kristen it was easy and motivating! She created a group dynamic for the Palio Challenge that really helped make it easy to support others and ask questions whenever needed. I was excited to see how I could incorporate working out regularly and eating paleo comfortably in my day-to-day life. I loved my results, and in the first week people noticed a difference! I'm defiantly going to continue this lifestyle and I can't wait for more results to come. 

Kristen Herman
Crossfit Studio City


Kristen is an amazing dietitian. She is very knowledgable and practical. She has given me so many ways of changing not only my eating habits but my whole perspective on food and exercise all together and she made it easy for me to do! I can truly say that my whole lifestyle has become much more healthier and balanced thanks to Kristen! I would recommend her to anyone I know.

Charisse Leonardo Parmar
Professional Makeup Artist


Kristen Bell is the dietitian that heads the annual paleo challenge organized at my crossfit gym. The challenge has been held for 3 years and this year was the year I decided to join in on the challenge. I've always been afraid to get measured due to my fear of knowing the numbers. But with some persuasion from my gym buddies (who assured me that it's good to know the actual #s), I finally gave in to give it a try because I was determined to lose some fat and gain some more lean muscle mass. I'm extremely glad that I made the decision because working with Kristen was amazing. She fills you in on all the facts and if you have any questions, you can get in touch with her right away. What I love about her plan is that she's not asking (or expecting) perfection. She's very practical in her approach and she's aware that life happens and you will have splurge days. It's all about being mindful and that's what she wants you to be. The dietary/supplemental advice she has is so great.  I couldn't be happier with the results.

Joy Won
Crossfit Woodland Hills


As the owner of CrossFit Woodland Hills and CrossFit Studio City, our gyms have partnered with Kristen on numerous nutritional Challenges for hundreds of our members.   

Kristen always brings her impressive wealth of nutritional knowledge to every event, and can always speak to our members’ unique dietary needs.   In additional to being an expert in nutrition, she’s also a source of support and motivation to the participants throughout the event.  

Since our first event in 2012, Kristen continues to be our “go-to” dietitian for our weight-loss events.  We couldn’t be happier with our partnership, and our members couldn’t be happier with their results!

Chad Morse
Owner Crossfit Woodland Hills, Crossfit Studio City


Pricing and Services

Initial consultation – $300
Consultation includes body fat assessment, food history recall, thorough review of lifestyle and eating habits, training, and any other pertinent information. Client will then receive a detailed meal plan, supplement prescription, recipes, and goal setting, within 24 hours to get them started.


Follow Up Packages

Platinum Package consists of the following:
Daily check in: motivational text or email in the morning, and review of food log each night, and once a week in person where goals are reviewed, supplements and diet altered as needed, body composition test performed to track progress.

1 month commitment – $450

2 month commitment – $750


Gold Package consists of the following:
1 session weekly of weigh in, measurements, goal setting, and alteration of meal plan and supplements with no daily check ins.

1 month – $400

2 months – $800


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